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 the sales ACCELERATOR workshop WILL SHOW YOU How To Write Sales Copy So People actually Buy Your Stuff 

The Sales Accelerator Workshop will show you exactly how to create sales page, social media posts, calls to action, etc. in a way that will have your people wanting to buy your stuff.

Let's get real for a minute...a lot of people have really great courses or coaching programs for sale but no one is buying them. The reason for that is because they haven't identified what their people want in their own words.
This workshop is being led by Martha Krejci & Meggan Larson together. 

Martha is a powerhouse when it comes to selling literally anything. She makes a very cush monthly income utilizing the exact strategies she's about to share with you. 

Meggan has always had a way with words and since partnering with Martha she has published six books in twelve months (all of which hit the top of the Amazon charts by the way), and was able to retire her husband by working from home using the strategies she's learned from Martha. 

They won't be leaving anything on the table. If you've been struggling to sell your courses or coaching programs, or even if you don't have any yet, this is the workshop you want to be at. No more guesswork, no more trying to figure it out blindly. We are going to walk you through everything step by step so that by the end you'll know exactly how to sell your stuff to your people in a way that always feels like a win-win. 

You ready?


- How to rewire your brain to not feel like a burden, or an imposter, or a failure...and we'll train you to become the person that succeeds. This alone took Meggan from 13 years of failure to almost instant success being able to retire her husband in a few months. 

- How to write your sales pages in a way that identifies what your people want in their own words so that they know your stuff is for them. Moving forward your sales pages will make your people want what you have in a way that doesn't annoy but rather invites.

- How to write your social media posts so they aren't salesy or gross and so they lead people to the logical conclusion that what you have will help them. It'll be a no brainer for them to grab it. 

-Then we'll move into your launch strategy and we'll do it in a way that means you don't have to keep re-launching over and over again. Who wants to do that? Also, we'll show you a post launch strategy that will keep your offers evergreen. Cue the angels chorus! 

- Next we'll show you how to use your testimonials as currency and if you don't have any yet, we'll show you how to get some. 

- We can hear it now, "what if I don't have an offering yet?" Guess what? We'll show you how to come up with your course based on creating a sales page. Is your mind blown yet? 

- Now it's time to learn how to make the perfect sales page video. This can make or break your sales page in the first minute of someone coming on to your page.  

-Then we cover how to create a challenge or event that leads to the sale of your course without giving it all away. Yes that's right. You can give massive value to your people and still have enough content for your courses. We'll show you how to establish yourself as the expert so that they know you're who they've been looking for. 

- Martha might even bust out her whiteboard so you know this is getting serious. 

- We will have a whole rundown on blogging and how to do it WELL, so it's not just writing, but it's walking a future customer down a path to you. We'll show you exactly how to build that bridge. 

Let's talk bonuses, shall we?

We'll go into the tech hacks of setting up your coaching calendar so it's a seamless transition.  (if you need this part, if you're not coaching, no biggie)

How to use only sales pages even if you don't have a website. Say whaaaaat?

How to make a sales page even if you don't have anything to sell yet!

This workshop is going to equip you to start off 2022 like the boss you are.

Only now, everyone else will know it too.

This is it.

This is how you make sure 2022 is your best year ever.

Now, let's go.

xo Martha & Meggan

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