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THE CHANGEMAKER'S DEN IS where you come for income and impact. 

Get a front row seat as the uber geek herself, Martha shares simple but profound tactics that are working right now so you can make more money today.

Have you met Martha Krejci? She is a no-fluff business strategist that focuses on massive business growth without ads. Now let’s add the whipped cream on top…she does it all while utilizing personality science and showing EVERYONE, no matter who they are or what their personality code is, how to succeed.

Success isn’t a one-size-fits-all game.

She teaches her strategies and lessons to each and every type of person, so YOU will 100% be able to accomplish what she’s teaching instead of walking away and thinking, “boy, it would sure be cool if I could do that too”.

ALSO, did you know you only have a 4% chance of getting a marketing message across to a consumer in the way they need to hear it to take action? (You may be nodding your head because it certainly feels like no one hears you, right?)

Well, she’ll be teaching you how to communicate with your clients and future clients in a way that they will be excited to engage with. So you’re not just learning business based on who you are, BUT you’re also going to GROW your business based on who YOUR PEOPLE are. Cool, right?

Here are a couple personal testimonials of people that have worked directly with her:




- 4 WORKSHOPS PER MONTH! (Typically priced between $197 - $247 EACH for a total of at least $788. You're getting alllllll of this for $37/mo. Allllll of it!) 

- The pillars she covers are: 

- How to GET LEADS, so you get clients and customers without spending money on ads 

-How to CONVERT them to your products and services without friction 

- How to ASCEND your clients through your products and services in a way that keeps them coming back for more because they trust you (as they should!) 

- How to SCALE your impact and income along the way

- AND Every SINGLE month, Martha will be going over an income opportunity she has personally vetted and will show you how to crush that opportunity.  Those could be anything from professional industries like real estate to affiliate marketing (specific offers) and more. Basically every month, you will have the opportunity to add a stream of income to your family if you choose. 

Oh, and I forgot to mention…she will be both teaching you how to and bringing in professionals to show you how to get on STAGES! So, booked on events, shows, podcasts, blogs and really any media. (Not bad, eh?)

- The workshops will be NEW every single week, and will also be a surprise every single week. So you will not see repeats. There will always be something new and actionable to use in your business.  

- For instance - this week's workshop is: 

- Get Your Cash Flow Growing For You with Todd Polke 

- Here's the description: 

Time to increase the rate at which cash flows into your back pocket and then get it growing for you with a strategic plan.

Sound good? Let's go! 

It’s $37/mo ($1 for your first month) and you can cancel anytime at all, we have no locks or handcuffs on you. If at anytime, you feel you’re not getting your money’s worth, I suggest you leave because it’s not making good business sense to spend money that you aren’t making back in your business from what Martha's teaching you.

Most people will stay because you’ll make money immediately, and that’s the whole idea here.
Martha's family's goal is to put families back together again, and for that to happen, Mom and Dad need to be able to make sustainable income from home.

This is their mission.

This is their heart.

This is their calling.

At the end of the day,  the world has changed, and the way we do business should have changed as well.

Many people are missing out on this change, and they are wasting their money on ads, direct mail, and all sorts of “tactics” to grow, but it’s just putting them in the poorhouse.

Martha knows her stuff like no one else I’ve ever seen. (And I’ve been around, trust me…13 years of spending tens of thousands on people that offered no actual results…then I started working with Martha, and FINALLY hit! I brought my hubby home from work, moved from Canada to beautiful sunny Florida with my hubby and three kids, and you could say we’re finally living the dream.)

Here are a couple more stories of people just like you that worked with Martha:



Even IF you only get HALF of my success with her….you’re way better off than you are now. And truth is…you can do even better than me.

And finally, when you join, you are about to be immersed in the most DYNAMIC community of CHANGEMAKERS you have ever experienced. Simply being in and amongst them, making friends and connections that will change your life, is worth the cost of admission. 

If you’ve never been in a community Martha has cultivated, you are in for the time of your life!

Now the question, “if not now, when?”

When is it YOUR time?

Martha has proof for days that her stuff works, it’s time for YOU to give yourself the unfair advantage of seeing her teaching all of the new, breaking, tactics and strategies that are crushing it in this ever changing world.

Here are some more stories of what Martha has done for people:



There is no contract here, you can cancel anytime you like. Martha’s not in the business of locking you into things, if you don’t, for whatever reason, want to stick around, you are welcome to go anytime. Just make sure you reach out to before your renewal date so they can get you canceled.
There are of course, no refunds after the renewal date occurs.

What people are saying about working with martha:

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