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-How to not only KNOW the personality type of a person you are talking to within 90 secs of meeting them, but how to SERVE them right where they are, how they PREFER to be spoken to, and what really MATTERS to them.

-How to not let the "haters" get the best of you. You will know how to get their opinions out of your head so you can move on toward what you are here to do....CONFIDENTLY.

-You will learn what you really CAN write off on your home-based business taxes....and it's NUTS!

-You will also learn the secret sentence that will do a 180 to your life. It's simple, but it's POWER PACKED if you actually say it. (most people don't even know this crazy easy trick)

-Finally, you will break down GOALS THAT MATTER in your life and business into bite sized pieces that you will then ACCOMPLISH over the next 90 days.

(Be sure to check back to this page often after you sign up, because I'm still in talks with THREE MASSIVE PEOPLE that will blow you away!  NOBODY has them on their NOBODY.)

Why you want to make sure you have snacks, slippers and a notebook ready for this mastermind

There are lots of events out there that have the same people talking about the same stuff over and over and over again, and you feel a bit deflated because you didn't really GET much out of the event.

This is WAY different. The people I have coming to my event (the speakers you can see, but also the speakers you CAN'T see yet) are coming with one goal in mind.

To make YOU better.

I only work with people that are like-minded to myself.

I care about YOU, and YOUR FAMILY, and YOUR INCOME, and most of all. YOUR IMPACT on the world.

I'm here to make YOU better, and so are my friends.

If you're ready, let's GO!

xo Martha

BONUS time!

OK let's talk BONUSES!

If you join as a VIP, you will have access to some of the speakers during the lunch-time portion of the day.

We'll do Q+A and have some fun.

If you've ever done a Q+A with us before, it's a riot, AND it's BEYOND HELPFUL in getting you unstuck in whatever you are currently paralyzed with.

There will be a VIP session both days at lunch. We will go to a separate link and meet there, then come back to the event, probably with some funny stories to tell, lol!

What people are saying about martha's Masterminds

who are the speakers????

(I mean, I know you wanna know!)

SO FAR....

We have 

COURTNEY EPPS, Brilliant Tax Strategist that will save you TONS of money!

STEVE D. SIMS, my friend who went from a bricklayer in London to rubbing elbows with Richard biggie, right?

RAY HIGDON, A superstar in the world of network marketing, but also has a heart of gold and just wants people to be better in their lives. (Rags to riches story here too...seeing a theme yet? )

CHERI TREE, A NEW friend of mine who is just astonishing in her understanding of personalities and how to sell to them, quite frankly. But we all know if people are buying what we're selling, they are getting better in the process. Her process is SO LEGIT that Harvard wrote a write paper about it AND she was invited to speak at the this is who you get to experience! (There's another rags to riches story here too)


Just know I got you. I bring the fire. I bring you people that will CHANGE you.

Now, let's GO!!!!

xo Martha

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