Do you have trouble thinking of what to do in your business every day?

What about how to methodically grow your team?  Need help with that?

Are you wanting to hit every single step of Silver Bound?

Then this is for you!

This is the onboarding program to end ALL onboarding programs.

This is going to give you direction as though you are working for a billion dollar company (which technically you are ;) )..

This is that on ramp to your success you have been looking for!

I share a lot that my success was not by accident, but rather by design.

So, here's what I'm going to do.

I am going to give you DAILY prompts , M-F every single week for a YEAR.

I am going to share short videos that walk you through performing many tasks in the VO, and get you acquainted with the tools you will need to know about and understand how to use them best. 

I will share my opportunity video so you can have it for your future potential builders.

I am going to give you CONFIDENCE that comes from working with someone that knows their stuff, both in this business, and quite frankly, any business.

This is what I saw as missing in our world.

So, I did what I do, and served the need. And to be super clear, I will be plugging my own team into this as well.  

I create programs for my team, then share with all of #TeamYL :)

Now, are you READY?!

Let's DO THIS!!!


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