BONUS FOR THE FIRST 100 PEOPLE!!!! The first 100 get the rocket booster bonus of how to write social media posts so it IMPACTS every single personality out there, so we're talking to more than 4% of our people and more like 99%!

The Crush Copywriting Workshop is going to walk you through all the content to put on your website and more.

When we're done you will know exactly what to put on your about me page. 

We will help you define three of your stories (because there are times you need to tell a different one). 

We will walk you through how to write the most effective blog posts that compel people to read them and take action on your CTA's. 

We will show you what to put on your home page to make your people feel welcome and know that you're here for them specifically. 

This is going to be soooo good! The event had already happened so you will have access to the replay!

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