Book To Empire

Who wants to become an EPIC writer?

Want to take your writing from good to great? Do you desire to make people FEEL the things you've written? Do you want to make people laugh, cry, and cheer you on as they read the words you've written?

Here's what you get:

  • How to outline your book from start to finish.
  • Writing dates where we show up together and write for 90 minutes to keep you accountable to your writing goals.

  • Meggan's personal secrets on how to become an epic writer.

  • Course updates for life as well as regular coaching & training.
 (Trust me, you're going to be happy about this one!)
  • Monthly group session with the amazing Lauren da Silva on strategic planning to get your writing project done.

  • Bonus module on how to walk yourself through outlining your ideas.

  • Bonus videos on time management hacks & skills so you actually get your stuff DONE with Lauren da Silva
  • Bonus module on how to self publish your book when it's finished AND get it to be a #1 best seller on Amazon!
  • BONUS course on how to run a book collaboration from start to finish (This alone has made people their investment back + more immediately)
But wait, there's more...MUCH more! What do you do after you write your book? Is there a way to monetize it in a powerful way and create an entire empire out of it? 

Yes, yes there is...

COMING SOON from Martha Krejci!!!

* Identify what your readers need so that you can serve them.
* Step by step instructions on exactly how to show up for your people. (You've NEVER seen this before!)
* Step by step walkthrough on coaching, creating courses, affiliate & referral marketing. 
* Growing your empire organically without spending a dime on advertising. 
* Creating lead magnets for your books, coaching, courses, etc. 

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