Hey hey, so one of the things that I'm pretty darn good at is creating courses.

And not just courses that most people teach that have to be launched and re-launched, and re-launched and so on and so on....that is an exercise in insanity if you ask me.  Also, who in the heck is that serving?  Really?

If we're here showing up in service to our people, we need to have quick easy ways for them to learn more about topics that are digestible and, I don't know....actually move them along in their journey, yes?

Well here's the deal, most everyone out there teaches this in a way that is CRAZY CONFUSING, and also just plain doesn't work.

You'll basically create a course, then not have a way to sell it...So, obviously if you're in HBR, you already know how to build the gears around selling your things in a way that is in service to your community...but maybe you just need a bit more direction and hand-holding on the creation and implementation side...well, that's what this is for :)

In this workshop, you will

-Decide what to do your first course on (or your next course, because you'll have this workshop for life, and can always go back to it to get clear on every course moving forward)

-Pick a good name for it (This is actually EXTREMELY IMPORTANT)

-Learn the uber basic way to lay out the content.

-Know how to divide up the content, and determine if it should be more than one course AND what content should be in your lead group to encourage people to get it.

-Learn many ways to get people excited about your course over and over again (people need to see something 7-15 times before making a buying decision, don't sleep on this one)

-AND if you're at the in person VIP part (only 10 slots available for safety in gathering) you will get your OWN mini PHOTO SHOOT AND your OWN GRAPHICS for your course (think custom thumbnails and promo graphics), not to mention the fact that I will be right there with you, going through your content and putting you on the right track to success!

Now, let's GOOOOO!!!!!!

xo Martha

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