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A work from home System that actually works

HBR is the creme de la creme. It not only shows you how Martha grew her multiple income streams in service to the community in 5-10 hours a week, 
but she also fields group coaching calls herself every single week, where she drills down on specific student questions so everyone gets clear and ultimately wins.

Martha makes what really works accessible to the masses.
She has been called in by coaches and teachers that charge $60k-$100k/year to teach what she teaches in HBR.
Most gurus don’t know it, and haven’t done it so they can’t even teach it.
But she does, and has and is.
The major difference is this.
She keeps it priced so every family on the planet can access it, then do it, and change their entire trajectory....then ultimately end poverty. Together.
This is a mission, and it's for everyone.


- How to become the biggest version of yourself, which sounds a bit ambiguous, I know...but when you experience it, there's no going back, and it's precisely what's necessary as a first step to this whole transformation in your life from what is, to a life of increased impact and with it, income.

-The Big Dig - This is our mindset session that peels away the layers of limitations you've picked up through the years, and leaves you with your true self that can then go out and CRUSH. 

-Then we move into defining precisely who you are serving. Not from a high level, but we get all the way down into the meta, so you can't do this wrong. This isn't your normal "customer avatar" stuff, this is wayyyy deeper than that.

-After that we drill down into how you will serve your people in specific. This isn't where you do things exactly as I do, you do them as YOU do. I'm not creating a bunch of me's, that's not what the world needs, I'm helping you do YOU, with my proven strategy. This is also where the income streams come into play.

-You will then create your own (or re-calibrate) your existing brand so it speaks to your people and how you serve them.

-Now it's time to BUILD your LOYAL following! This is where we jump into first steps, content ideas, daily post suggestions, challenges, training and other freebies and we also go over how to CONTINUALLY grow that audience ORGANICALLY (without ads). <-----Many say this one alone is worth the price of admission.

-Then we cover how to ATTRACT the RIGHT people to your following. Numbers are a vanity metric. If they don't align with you and how you serve them, why does a big audience even matter? Let's bring in our loyal followers that we can serve well, and impact their lives at scale.

-Next up, we go over my BOSS CONTENT STRATEGY which covers how to know what to share, and PRECISELY how to share it so when implemented correctly and it's all set up, you just have to make a post and the whole content machine works together to nurture your people into your courses, coaching, companies or programs. (or all of the above) <-----Again with the price of admission.

-We have a whole rundown on blogging and how to do it WELL, so it's not just writing, but it's walking a future customer down a path to you.

-Now, we come to video. And completely bossed out on this one too. You will learn what gear to use, how to tell your brand story (5 ways), and MUCH MORE....just wait until you see it, it's crazy. There are like 10 modules just in video alone. 

-You will learn how to become omnipresent and always top of mind for your future clients and customers.  What that means is they see you so much (this doesn't mean you work a ton) that whenever they think of what you do...they think of you.  This is priceless for your business.

-You will also learn to sell without selling (no one likes to look like a skeezy salesperson, amiright?) I teach you to grow your business while remaining heart-centered and in service to your people, not a skeezball.

-You will learn how to hire good VA's (virtual assistants) that don't break the bank when you're ready for them...because you're growing your business and you'll need good help soon...and don't worry, you'll be able to afford help.

-Then you learn about PR! Public relations, that's right! I said it! How to get in magazines, blogs and such.

Let's talk bonuses, shall we?

How to stop the hemorrhage of outgoing taxes with your home-based business. Save your money, y'all! Presented by THE Courtney Epps

Weekly Momentum Calls FOR LIFE, yes, I said it. FOR LIFE. These are to keep you focused and in line with your goals, as well as answering any questions that come up for you.

A team of Coaches that answer your questions ANY TIME. There is absolutely no reason at all to get stuck in this program. You have ALL resources you need at all times.  This is the time you WIN, friend!

You're gonna freak out with this one. An E-commerce site where you can sell your programs, courses and services! With no additional monthly fee. I'm making sure you get paid.  You've never seen a program like this before, by the way, in case you were just thinking that...

You will ALSO learn from one of my "Super Friends" how to outline and write your OWN BOOK! Yes, that's right!!! Your. Own. Book.


And Coming Soon...

A team of neuroscience junkies coming into to show you how your brain works and how to optimize your own performance.  I mean, c'mon! Let's GOOO!

AND....I also have another team coming in that has spoken for the UN, and had whitepapers written up by Harvard about their selling by personality-type process, because it is scientifically proven...I mean c'mon! Let's GOOO!

The bottom line is this.

I am continually adding to this program.

You pay once and you're in for life.

This is it.

The moment in time where everything changed for you.

Now, let's go.

I'll see you on the inside.

xo Martha

Some frequently asked questions:

Is there a community? Yes, absolutely! It's maybe one of the best things about the entire program is the relationships you'll make with other students changing the world just like you! (the community is on Facebook, and you'll get access to it when you join)

Is this a monthly charge?  Nope, it's a pay once and you're in for life kinda thing. 

Do you offer payment plans?  We absolutely do, but they add a bit more to the price for obvious reasons, so the best deal is paying up front, but we definitely have payment plans available. To find out about those, just message my business page here: and we'll get something worked out for you.

Is this for any business?  Yup, sure is. I have been a Business Strategist for YEARS, and have worked with Fortune 100 companies all the way down to building multiple streams of income for families and everything in between. This works for absolutely everyone and that's because it's dynamic. It revolves around you and what you do.

What if I don't know what my business would be? Can this still help?  Again, yes. Some of my favorite students come in without knowing what they will do, then I get to see the light bulb go off as they go through the modules and completely create their stuff from scratch. The excitement and enthusiasm is infectious when someone that came in with nothing builds out their whole empire from their heart and KNOW they can make it happen. Solid gold.

What people are saying about my courses

who am i? and why can i help?

Before I tell you who I am, allow me to get real with you and tell you who I was.

I remember like it was yesterday, you guys. I was sitting in my carpeted cubicle at my crappy corporate job slaving away when my husband Mike called me.

There, on video, I sat from my 9-5 soul-crushing job and watched as my daughter Nora took her very first steps. Her wobbly, kinda stompy, first steps.

It was over, and I had missed it!

At that moment, my world froze. Time stopped and collapsed on itself.

I remember sitting there thinking, “Is this something I want to deal with for the rest of my life?”

I’m pretty sure you can guess what my answer was.

I waited until my shift was over and never returned to work again.

And it was SCARY! I mean, REALLY SCARY, you guys!

Nonetheless, I had an ace up my sleeve.

What was it?

If you’re thinking a ton of skills and a blueprint to restart my life, you’re wrong.


So I worked to find a way to build a life without my 9-5, so I’d never miss another moment.

And I’m glad to say I did it!

NOW, I help moms all over the world do the same!

Let me introduce myself. Hi, I’m Martha!

I’m a fun-loving, hardworking mama who helps mothers escape their 9-5 cages and taste freedom!

Thanks to the internet, our world is full of stay-at-home possibilities.

Today, I’m a business growth strategist and a social media marketer who has learned to break the code and find success online.

And I’ll teach you to do the same!

Since I quit my job, I have completely changed the trajectory of my family's lives and have been featured in publications like Oprah Magazine, Fast Company, Cosmopolitan, Shape, The Huffington Post, and more…

I know what you’re thinking…

  • This is crazy! I don’t know how to start and run a business!
  • It’s not the right time for me…
  • I just don’t know if I can do it!

Guys, I know how you feel. I was RIGHT WHERE YOU’RE STANDING. The only thing is, I didn’t have a coach to teach me.

Through my online courses, group coaching, and tons of free resources, you can follow my steps and do exactly what I’ve done!

Let’s look at some of those apprehensive thoughts from above.

This is crazy! I don’t know how to start and run a business!

With my step-by-step courses and coaching, I put you on the path to generating your first million. You needn’t be a professional anything...yet! I’ll teach you and help you get there faster than I did.

It’s not the right time for me…

LOOK, I get it! It’s hard to jump into the void and see if you can fly. I can tell you from experience that it’s never the right time. Take a leap of faith.

I just don’t know if I can do it!

I remember saying these exact words to my husband. Faced with the alternative of missing all my daughter’s milestones, I couldn’t let that stop me. Maybe you don’t have someone in your corner. Let me be that person.

The way I see it, you have two choices:

You can either stay the same and get what you’ve always gotten.


You can make a change and see if you have what it takes to escape your 9-5.

So what will it be? If you’re thinking the latter. Let’s do this!

xo Martha